Connect: the Deaf way

Whether you identify as Deaf (culturally deaf), deaf, hard of hearing (HH), or are a family member (CODA-child of deaf adult, SODA-sibling/spouse of deaf adult, etc) or friend of someone who is deaf, this is the website for you! It’s a place with Deaf perspective for those who have wondered what it is like to be Deaf or hard of hearing. There are many types of Deaf and HH people with many different opinions, life experiences, dreams/goals, and needs.  ASL: Kiss-Fist is a place to find educational resources, discover deaf services, deaf products, deaf schools, and other resources related to ADA law and new legislation. If you are interested in learning more about Deaf Culture or learning ASL, there are plenty of places to begin. Have a look at all the links and discover more about us! Most importantly, reach out to the Deaf and hard of hearing community. We want others to get to know, understand, and advocate (become an ally!) for the things we need as individuals and as a community. If there is a certain topic or resource you want to learn more about here, please send us an email and we will see about getting that information posted on one of the pages here. So, what is Kiss-Fist anyway? It is an ASL sign expressing that you personally LOVE something—absolutely, adore-like-nothing-else-in-this-world, incandescent  kind of LOVE. Like this. Help us bridge the gap of understanding, with a Kiss-Fist! Send us your lipstick Kiss-Fist (similar to the photo below—I had zero lipstick available, BTW) and we’ll post them here! Send all photos to wordrendezvous at gmail dot com with kissfist in the subject line or it won’t be opened.